“To define Christ is to confine Christ, He can only be explored”


My dear friend and spiritual father Bill Johnson said (and I’m paraphrasing), “Some things will never be released to us through instruction, they will only be discovered through adventure”.  This statement feels like a cousin to our motto in the Immersion Family Band, “To define Christ is to confine Christ, He can only be explored”.  

I’m happy and honored to introduce you to the exploration and adventure that is Immersion Worship.  Immersion Worship is an expression and overflow of the deep relationships that make up our band of family and friends.  As the core group, we call ourselves the #ImmersionFamilyBand.  Here we believe you become what you behold.  Our greatest desire is to continually behold love and in so doing, become greater lovers of God, ourselves, each other, and the world around us!


Vocals / Mary Keith Skinner    *    Drums / Daniel Kinner
Keyboards / Ron Rawls    *    Cello, Electric Guitar / Matt Nelson
Bass / Jacob Lowery    *    Electric Guitar / Luke Sullivant
Vocals / Amanda Kinner    *    Vocals / Rebekah Sullivant