"Anthony Skinner is a breath of fresh air. His love for Jesus is paramount, while his commitment to righteousness makes him trustworthy in and out of the pulpit. God has brought a creative expression through him that makes his music refreshingly unpredictable. For these reasons and more he remains a personal favorite." Bill Johnson—Bethel Church, Redding, California, When Heaven Invades Earth and Face To Face With God


"Anthony Skinner has a fire in his heart to worship God, and to encourage and equip others to do the same." Matt Redman


"Anthony Skinner is one of my favorite singer/songwriters and worship leaders.  There is a rare depth to him and I believe any person could benefit greatly from the wealth of his experiences, especially in the worship community." John Mark McMillan


"A leader of worship leaders." Casey McGinty, President, Capitol CMG


"I know Anthony as a friend, brother, and fellow worshiper. His heart and gifting has caused me to encounter Jesus in deeply intimate ways." -Steve Berger, Founding Pastor, Grace Chapel


“Every time I listen to Anthony’s music there is an immediate connection in my spirit.   It reminds me of the first time I heard the music of Martin Smith and Matt Redman.” -Steve Rice, Nashville Music Architects


“The presence of the Lord was unmistakable during a regional gathering of worship leaders and their staffs. The worship leading of Anthony Skinner was clearly focused on leading those worshipping to the very throne of God. By his own example, Anthony guided people through a spontaneous statement of worship using the Word of God as its lyric. Through a transparency that only the Holy Spirit could cultivate, the participants truly sang a "new song" to the Lord. The moment crossed denominational and racial lines and bore witness of a unified, sweet aroma of worship to the Lord.”

-Carey Dean, Music Minister—Woodland Park Baptist Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee


"What a blessing! Anthony’s heart is so God focused that you find yourself engulfed in the presence and power of the Spirit.  The response from the church was incredible…there’s no question that the Lord's hand is on what he is doing. We praise God for his gifts and that he is using them to feed the church!"

-Brandon Scott Thomas, Music and Worship Minister—Highland Church of Christ, Abilene, TX


“Anthony has absolutely transformed my understanding of what it means to be a worshipper, which has had and amazing impact upon our church.  He taught me how to lead adults and students into the heart of worship his passion for Christ, his commitment to discipleship, and his excellence in musicianship, teaching, and empowering are unparalleled.  God has truly anointed Anthony Skinner” 

-Will Penner, Minister of Music—Dickson First United Methodist Church, Former Editor, Youthworker Journal.